2015 Tentative Outdoor Schedule


1.     Friday, March 27th at Oak Hills High School for 7 & 8 grades

Saturday, March 28th at Oak Hills High School for K-6 grades


2.     Friday, April 10th place TBD for 7 & 8 grades

Saturday, April 11th place TBD for K-6 grades


3.     Saturday, April 18th at Mariemont H.S. for K-6 grades

Sunday, April 19th at LaSalle H.S. for 7 & 8 grades


4.     Friday, April 24th at Mt. Healthy H.S. for 7 & 8 grades

Saturday, April 25th at Mt. Healthy H.S. for K-6 grades


5.     Saturday, May 2nd, Bond Hill Flyers AAU Invitational at Taft H.S. for K-12 grades.

Possibly a parent relay


Outwork, Outrun, Outlast


Thank you for considering The Bond Hill Flyers Track Club. Our track club was established by Curtis E. Fairbanks in 1999 to provide an outlet for our youth, which provides character building, skills development  confidence, self respect and discipline to all our athletes. Bond Hill Flyers is a member of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) which is a National organization that provides regional and national events for its members. Participation on our team can be rewarding and exciting for both you and your child. For more information on our organization, please contact us or Coach Greg Johnson at or (513) 313-3064. You can also look us up on Facebook and Twitter.

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